since you’ve been gone

Another several months have gone by. not just because I was neglect… my dad had a serious illness that basically took up the first few months of the year as it became my top priority to get him through. He did survive and is still recovering.

In the meantime, I have covered so much ground in researching my strategy back to health that I hope I can remember it all to share with you.

The biggest development is that, through looking for the root cause of the autoimmune attack in order to stop its progress and possibly reverse the damage, I got to genetic level. Whattt??

The research sequence went something like this:

Autoimmune attack triggers > leaky gut > Vitamin B12 deficiency > amino acid deficiency > digestive enzymes deficiency > MTHFR gene mutation symptoms

In all the copious research and reading, I came across something about genetic factors that could lead to thyroiditis and/or autoimmune conditions. MTHFR. Looks like an abbreviation for an ugly phrase. In my research, I read about conditions and compare symptoms with my own. Now what’s crazy about MTHFR is that it opened up a new dimension – this possibly described symptoms I have had my whole life and even possibly some in my mom, who is no longer living.

In a nutshell, I started to read about the recent developments in genetic mapping, where scientists are now beginning to find genetic tendencies towards certain health conditions. No, if you have a particular genetic mutation, it does not mean you are doomed to have certain diseases – it just means that some tendency is there and, given the right environmental and lifestyle conditions, these genetic mutations can bloom or “express” – be turned on or off.  This is very handy information when your goal is to be proactive and figure out how to repair damage, or avoid it.

Here are some resources for your journey:

Amino Acids, Nutritional basis for depression, anxiety etc.

Genetic Testing and Health-related analysis – for the initial genetic test

“Keep on Keepin’ On!”

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